Monday, April 19, 2010

Hermes want list

So I've been enamoured with Hermes for quite some time. Visiting their shop in the Bellagio while in Vegas was very exciting for me...leaving with a little something was even more exciting! Now I'm not exactly a high roller who buys designer items on a regular or even semi-regular basis...but I do love to dream! So this is my most recent lust list from my online window shopping at

1. Breakfast cups and saucers - Seriously, this is what they are called on their site! I've previously discussed my love for teacups and these are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to drink out of these at breakfast...tea, orange juice, milk, whatever...I'd use them everyday!
2. Oran sandals - I love love love these sandals. The only problem about buying these would be deciding on the colour.
3. Tandem watch - Oh, this watch is stunning!!! The combination of black, white, and silver as well as the shape makes this an amazing watch...that would look so good on my wrist.
4. Jige clutch - This also comes in yellow and orange. Because of my recent love affair with yellow, I'd probably buy it in that colour if I could have it tomorrow.
5. Bearn wallet - Orange is their trademark colour and I would totally buy this wallet in this colour. I think it's fantastic.
6. Kelly Caleche perfume - Yes, I do like it because it has my name...but it also smells very pretty!
7. Kelly long wallet - I could never afford the Kelly bag or this wallet but how could I not want them when they have my name...and they are beyond gorgeous.
8. Chaine d'Ancre necklace with Kelly pendant - Seriously, I didn't just pick items with my name in them! I just love this necklace!

Since this list costs about as much as it will likely cost to finish and furnish my basement, owning these items will remain a dream. Except maybe the perfume??? Come on, it does have my name!

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