Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretty violets

Today I re-potted my purple African violets. My beautiful friend Stephanie picked up a few things for me when she went to IKEA last weekend (thanks Steph!)...and two of those things were KARDEMUMMA white plant pots ($2.99 each!). This afternoon I went out and bought a white serving tray to put the plants on. I wanted something yellow (to add yellow accents to my kitchen) but I really don't know if I ever would have found a yellow tray just the right size.

I started by gathering some rocks out by our garage, then washing them...because who really knows where those rocks have been! Then I put them in the bottom of the pots to allow drainage. I've done this for all my other plants and it must do's Exhibit A (my other beautiful African violet).

I re-potted them outside on the table. I layed down the tissue the tray was wrapped in because I always make a mess.

And voila:

Yep, I really like plants...just like my mom and grandma. They always had plants on or by the table so I guess I'm carrying on the tradition. Really it's because of the big window and the great light they are going to get here. The tray is mainly because it looks pretty and makes it look tidy...but also to protect the table and so I can move the plants easily when needed.

I'm going to have one more plant in the dining room area on a little stand that I just moved up from the basement...I'll show you soon!

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