Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The soon-to-be garden

The process of making our raised-bed garden has begun! The rain put a big delay in being able to get out there and get some work done. However, after a couple of sunny days, the giant puddle that filled almost half the space is almost gone. Here's a pic of the garden area with the raised beds roughly mapped out in yarn:

There will be 5 beds (the farther ones are kind of hard to see in my pic) - 1 runs beside the garage and then there are 4 along the fence. They will be a foot high and we are going to have two and a half feet walking paths between them. We had a lot of layout design ideas and are happy with this one. The beds should get a lot of light and there is a whole lot of planting space!

Tonight we (okay, mainly Dave) started working on leveling the ground...which is super sticky, heavy clay. Take a look at my beautiful rubber boots:

It sticks like crazy and gets heavy fast. And yes, it's very fun! The next step is getting the cedar to build...and then building the beds! Stay tuned.

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