Sunday, May 16, 2010

Step by step (ooh baby)

This weekend there was a lot of progress made on our garden! Dave's brother was in town and he has a truck so we got our fabulous cedar lumber on Saturday. Twenty-three 2 x 6 x 12's that smelled as good as they looked:

They got to work and started building one of the beds:

And voila...the bed that runs beside the garage (and the only one with all corners being 90 degrees):

They screwed in metal brackets inside the corners and another type halfway along each side to provide support. The rest of the beds required angle cuts so we borrowed a compound mitre saw from my sister-in-law's brother:

Dave and my bro finished building the other 4 beds. Here's a shot of the one along the back fence that they did first:

And here's what it looks like with all 5 of them done:

Wooo hey? Such beautiful boxes that will contain growing veggies and flowers very soon! The compost dirt will be arriving in a couple days and then we can fill them up and I can get planting.

The box along the back of the fence is shorter because the gate swings in. I plan to use that space for a little table or a pretty chair that I can set a pot on. Once we get a rain barrel, it will sit on the far side of the box that runs along the garage and then I will get a big planter pot (or 2) for the other side. We'll lay down landscape fabric and rock on the pathways so it is nice and clean and weed-free. But step by step...


  1. thats deadly, looking awesome!

  2. Thanks mister! How convenient that you're coming home after the hard work is done! I wonder if you deserve to eat any of the delicious veggies I will be growing?! Maybe if you come help Dave lay down the rock in the pathways!!!

  3. Love the NKOTB references! :)

  4. Wow it's really comin a long!! Looks great Kelly!