Saturday, July 31, 2010

Antiques here I come

I'm very excited because tomorrow my friend and I are going antique shopping. Last time we went I spent quite a bit of money and came home with some fabulous things - two teacups, a cake stand, two aprons, a wooden yard stick, and a glass bottle from the 40's. Here's a pic of the cake stand I got (for 15 bucks!):

And here's a pic (sorry it's not a very good one) of one of the teacups I bought. It's Tiffany blue, white, and gold. So very pretty:

I certainly hope to score at least another teacup to add to my collection. This antique store is in a little town where my friend's grandma lives and it is fantastic...super nice stuff, clean, well-organized, and good prices. Tomorrow, the little town is having a flea market out front of the store as well as garage sales throughout the town. I wonder what treasures I will find and be bringing home with me!


  1. We will have to add that to the list of places to hit up next time your in town... I love finding unique pieces.

  2. I'm anxiously waiting to read about and see what you found today!!!