Sunday, August 22, 2010

Threes: Hats edition

On Thursday night, I went to a clothing swap at my friend Alissa's. There were seven girls who all brought clothes and accessories they no longer wanted. We sorted them into piles, and three hours later of sifting through, we all had treasures to take home. It was very fun! I came home with 2 pair of ballet-style flats (red and black), a pair of flip flops, a pair of Ugg-style boots, a green t-shirt, a pink fleece, and a set of matching mitts, scarf, and toque.

And this leads us to today's edition of 'Threes'. I'm very excited to wear my new striped little hat I got at the clothing swap (it's red, black, pink, and grey). This winter, I want to wear hats more frequently. Yes, they mess your hair but they are very cute and they do keep your head warm too! One time my mom told me I look good in hats so it must be true, right???

I like this cute little grey crocheted hat from Anthropologie:

Love the flower and how very girly it is. This next hat isn't exactly going to keep someone's head warm but I like the look of it. It's one of those slouchy-style ones and it's from Aldo:

Not sure I could pull off the slouchy-style but I think it would be worth a try! The next one is a hat that would actually keep you warm. I love that it's white, hand-made, and it looks so soft. It's from Swedishness:

This winter I think there will definitely be more hat wearing and less just pulling my hood up!


  1. I vote of the gray hat... if you have to have a favorite one... very cute.

  2. I agree! If only I lived in Edmonton I would run to the West Ed Mall and pick it up tomorrow!!! And thanks for the comment Miss NJM!