Sunday, January 30, 2011

Garden plans

Yes, it's January and I'm dreaming of my garden. My friend Alissa and I started planning what stuff to plant and where it should go. Here's my garden outline and what I'm thinking I'll be growing this year:

(You can click on it to make it bigger.)

I won't be growing peppers or sunflowers this year and instead I'm going to try corn and more annuals. Last year was so rainy and I found the corner on the left was always quite wet as it's the only place that really has shade most of the time. So I'm going to find some flowers and plants that do well in those conditions.

I'm going to plant more peas and tomatoes and less potatoes and carrots. I'm also going to try some herbs (maybe dill, chives, and thyme) but they're not in the garden outline because I don't where I'll be planting them yet.

It's going to be such an easy job planting this year as compared to last year. A little experience goes a long way!

Just a shot of my pretty green garden from August:

Love it!


  1. You could put your herbs in planters, then you wouldn't have to worry about trying to find space! Or in a box off your deck!

  2. Very true! I don't think I'll be lacking space in my garden to grow the herbs if I plan properly...but planters would be quite nice! I'm very tempted to try growing strawberries in planters one day. We'll see!