Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Vancouver

We went to Vancouver a couple weeks ago and I took a few pics with my phone while I was there that I want to share with you. We got there quite early on the first day so we checked in to the hotel then walked down to the seawall to catch a little ferry to Granville Island. Here's a somewhat blurry shot I took on the ferry:

A quick but fun little ride! I had been to Vancouver twice before but had never been to Granville Island. What a cool place! We explored, shopped, and ate delicious food. This is what we had for dessert:

An individual size carrot cake for Dave and a lemon meringue tart for me. Yum!

Our hotel was right downtown - prime for some serious shopping, which is what I did the whole next day while Dave was at a conference. In the evening we watched a movie in our room. Look how pretty the view was:

That's B.C. Place with its cool retractable roof. I told Dave I wished they would open it so I could see it open...but they didn't.

The last day we explored downtown and the highlight for me was definitely this:

Not the busy street...and not the vehicles...Tiffany & Co.! This is their flagship store downtown. I'd also gone to the one in Holt Renfrew the day before. No big deal. Two Tiffany's in two days. I could get used to that!!! I don't think I have to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at all the loveliness, trying on beautiful, beautiful things, and perhaps buying a shiny little necklace (as a souvenir of course)!

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