Monday, November 7, 2011

Almost here

We ordered our new couch and chair from IKEA. And on Friday, we got some of the boxes but not all. So in our living room sits the pieces of a couch that can't yet be assembled. As I wait ever so patiently, I will show you what I will soon have in my living room:

1. TULLSTA in ransta dark gray
2. IKEA STOCKHOLM easy chair in rostanga white
3. KARLSTAD in isunda gray

I already have and love the white IKEA STOCKHOLM and hopefully very soon the rest will be here. I have longed for a KARLSTAD for so long. Why I didn't buy this couch for my (I mean our) living room in the first place is beyond me. Honestly, it was the fact that I could not fit it in the car. Shipping? What? Every time I would go to IKEA, I sat on the KARLSTAD floor models and told Dave repeatedly how much I wanted one. More accurately, how much I needed the grey one. And now I have the pieces (sans cover) which will soon look like the pretty pic above. And then in a couple years, we will get the darker grey cover which Dave likes better (The light grey "looks like an old man's suit"). Marriage is all about compromise, right? Somehow, I win...and I win. Thank you Dave!

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