Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A cool watch?

One day I would like a new watch. I have a nice watch...well, it looks nice...but it's not really nice to wear. It has a metal band that somehow gets black stuff (sort of like grease) on my wrist. And it's not me! I do clean it but it never goes away. Very uncool. I stopped wearing it and am now one of those watch-free people that I never understood. How do you function without a watch? Seems it's really not that hard. I have clocks in my house, in the car, in my office, and on my phone.

However, I could get used to wearing one again. A pretty one would be especially nice. I'm thinking of finding something a little hipper, like this one:

Cool or uncool? I'm not sure how I even came across this watch. But I like it. It's sleek. I love the face. And black and silver is fantastic of course. I haven't had a leather band on a watch since the super cool red one I had in high school. It was Esprit...of course. As were all of my sweaters.

Anyways, I'd hope this is a bit oversize looking on my wrist. But not too much. I like that the face looks big but not the band. My wrists are somewhat scrawny and I don't want a really thick chunky looking band. I also like the trend of the big metal men's watches on girls but I'm not sure that's me. I'll just admire Dave's.


  1. I'm not a fan of living by the clock. But it seems that when you have young ones whether or not your watching the clock they know the time and they tell you what they want around the same times... For example, I've figured out that he likes to have boob juice at 7, 10:30, etc and solids at 7:30, 12 noon etc.
    But I just don't care to have something I constantly have to put on and off.
    But I'm digging the little black watch you've posted. I think I would suit you.

  2. You are hilarious. Boob juice is now written on my blog for all time. Also, thank you for your opinion on the watch. I have found some others that are similar but I'm just not sure I can pull off something so different/hip (for me).