Saturday, July 21, 2012

The garden in July

Hello friends. Remember me? Eeks, I haven't posted in a while! Is anyone interested in pics of my garden? I hope so because I finally took some tonight and want to show you! The garden is doing great. We've been eating tons of sugar peas and now the regular peas are pretty much ready. Yum! Here's a view of the whole garden:
I can't wait to eat some corn and the beans are getting close to being ready:
The cherry tomatoes weren't stellar but Dave's been eating quite a few. The early girl tomato plant is really coming along so he'll be eating toasted tomato sandwiches some day soon:
Here's a shot of the homesteader peas. Dave and I go out and check the progress every day (and eat a few of course!):
I'm excited that the rhubarb is really coming along. I had just planted it last summer and we may be eating some rhubarb crisp this summer:
The marigolds are doing well but what I'm more excited about are these sweet peas. They've really shot up in the last week or so and there should be blooms within a couple weeks. I had planted them in the rain and it was a bit of a disaster. Since the soil was so wet, I had to scatter the seed and just throw mud on top. It was quite the experience! I could hardly believe any grew at all and was shocked at how they ended up growing in so thick: 
The other good news is that one of my pumpkin plants made it. I really don't know if we'll actually get any pumpkins but we will wait and see:
Year 3 and I just don't take pictures every other day like I did the first and second years. But I still love you garden!


  1. Great looking garden Kelly! Way to Go! Did you every try lettuce? I love fresh garden leaf lettuce, but we didn't plant any this year. I couldn't remember if you did that in the past.

  2. Yep, I've grown leaf lettuce in the past. We have romaine growing this year and it looks pretty good. I usually like growing spinach the most, but I have a particular kind that I need to get my hands on again. The ones this year didn't really cut it!