Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Terrarium (and vases!)

We recently went into a flower shop and bought a cute little terrarium and an air plant. An air plant! I think it's pretty neat. Take a look:
It doesn't need soil and all you have to do is give it a little water every week or two by misting it or plopping it in a cup of water for a while. My plan is to put it in a cup of water for half an hour once a week...and if I forget one week, it will stay in the cup for an hour the next week! It'll be a good reminder to actually water all of my plants. They do well despite being somewhat neglected. A little wilting tells me it is time to water! Oops. 
Cubebot has made friends with the new addition:
Cubie (as I've taken to calling him lately) looks awfully stoked to be hanging out with...Airie...Airhead...Mr. Air? Hmmm, my other plants are nameless so I'm not sure any of these will stick.
I've failed to show you a pic of my pretty vases that hang out at the other end of the tv bench/credenza:
I got them quite a while ago with money from our garage sale in the spring. They're from Jonathan Adler and I love them. They're pottery (if you can't tell or have never heard of JA) so they have such a nice weight to them and are such great quality. I really want one more (the lantern gourd vase) that is smaller but in the same series. One day it shall be mine, I hope! Also, a special shout out to Ray for picking my vases up for me...thanks again!   


  1. Air plant, now that is cool! I like that Cubie has partner and Airie is a suitable name, in my opinion. Glad those vases made the journey safe and sound. They look Sharp!