Friday, December 7, 2012

More chalkboard stuff

I guess I'm on a little chalkboard tangent. Yes, I'm aware the trend has been around for a few years but I don't think I'm too late to the party! I came across these super cute adhesive chalkboard labels and I'm seriously digging them:
How great would these be on cute canisters on my kitchen countertop? Like on these vintage-looking enamel ones from West Elm:
I know you're distracted. I could also do without the paneling and the grapes art. However, focus on the canisters and imagine the aforementioned chalkboard labels adhered to them. Seriously, canisters + chalkboard labels = fabulousness. If you don't agree, please refer to this previous post about a certain fabulous red canister (with a round chalkboard label!) so your mind will be changed. 

And just a little more chalkboard love, since that is apparently my thing recently:
It's made of reclaimed oak and leather. And chalkboard! And that pencil is fantastic too. Chalk on your fingers? Nope, that's for suckers.

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