Monday, January 4, 2010

My dressing table

This is my (relatively) new make-up/hair table in our bedroom! I've never been one for getting ready in the bathroom so I've always done it at a dresser (or even sitting on the floor in front of a full-length mirror...anything but the bathroom!). So when I saw this beauty at IKEA, I had to have it. But the problem was it came in a size too big for the space in our room so I ended up getting a little desk. Then I discovered they made this dressing table in a smaller size and lo and behold it is now mine...thanks to my friend Steph's fabulous sister Barb who picked it up for me and delivered it the five hours from Edmonton (along with the chair!). And oh, I love it so!

For those that are interested, almost everything you see in the picture is from the wonderful place that is IKEA except the iPod and speakers and the artificial orchid (which is from a great shop called Tin Box in Edmonton). The dressing table is from the MALM series, the chair is INGOLF, the lamps are GRONO, the big mirror is KOLJA, and the table mirror is TRENSUM.

This is a pic of the drawer (it actually pulls out farther than this and there's more stuff behind what you see here.). One of my little projects this weekend was to put drawer liner inside. Probably not surprising, I got it at IKEA! It's called RATIONELL VARIERA. The table came with a felt liner but it was getting powder from my make-up brushes all over it. Now it'll be easy to keep clean! It could be the neat freak in me but I love having my stuff all lined up like much better than digging through a container trying to find something. Not that I'm ever in much of a hurry when I get ready! I love just sitting in this chair and singing along to my iPod!

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