Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There's something about birds

Birds??? Even I find it interesting that I've started liking bird-related stuff. Not everything bird-like is nice though...far from it! I can't say I've ever actually been a huge fan of birds...ravens and pigeons will always be on my 'not-like' list, but the cuter little finches that seem to be popping up everywhere in fabric, art, and accessories have suddenly become appealing. I think it first started with some fabric I saw at IKEA...black and white with little hits of apple green and it had little birds in it. And I was surprised that I really liked it. Then later I saw this little silver bird at a shop. It was super cheap-looking but I liked the idea of it.

Fast forward to the week before Christmas and I found (and bought!) a fantastic small shiny silver bird at Urban Barn. It's super sleek (no features like eyes or anything, just the shape of a finch). And I was ridiculously excited about it....much more excited than any one should really be over a silver bird figure! Since then I visited their website and saw these little bird salt and pepper shakers:

Come on. These are cute! I just feel that I need to go to the store and see these...and then buy them! Seriously, does the salt and pepper come out of their beaks...or eyes and beaks? Whichever, I feel the need to have these.

Update: I stopped by Urban Barn on Jan. 12th and I'm sad to say the bird salt and pepper shakers weren't as great in real life...so they did not come home with me (although a pillow and a candle holder did)!

The other thing that I must have is this birdhouse for my backyard:

This is a Swedish 'stuga'. Hemslojd is a site that sells all things Swedish (and I've ordered quite a few things from there that are awesome). Come on! A little birdhouse on a birdhouse! This is just too adorable! I just want this in my backyard to look at, even if no birds ever come and eat from it.

And I promise, after this, no more bird items...I don't really want to be the 'bird lady' or have my house known as 'the one with all the birds'!

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  1. Phew...I do not want to be known as the 'bird lady's husband...=)