Thursday, January 14, 2010

Norwex stuff

Images from Norwex

Just wanted to share with you how much I'm loving this stuff I got from Norwex (check out their site here). Stuff that is good for the environment and people!

From the pic above:
1. The antibac enviro cloth - This is the only thing I use to dust all the furniture in my house. I usually wet it with some water and it gets rid of fingerprints and grunge like nobody's business.
2. The antibac window cloth - I have yet to use this on a window but it is amazing on mirrors and I also use it on my glass and silver decorative stuff in my house. Again just a little water is all you need.
3. The antibac body cloths - The softest, nicest facecloths I have ever owned. And these take off make-up like...nobody's business(?).
4. The dryer balls - These are such a great invention. No more dryer sheets...ever! You just throw these in instead. I think this is way better than coating your clothes in whatever is in those dryer sheets.

I've also got the Microfiber Mitt, which I bought to clean my blinds and have yet to do it, and the Sportzyme stuff to spray on Dave's stinky hockey equipment (which he has yet to use...and is why his equipment is in the garage!).

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