Friday, January 15, 2010

This cabinet is just so pretty

from A2

I came across this cabinet a while ago on one of my internet surfing adventures (via one of my fav blogs Door Sixteen). I so so so love it! It's made by a Swedish design company...of course! They have the best stuff ever. If I lived in Sweden I guarantee you this little cabinet would be mine, but since I do not I will just have to admire it from afar...and imagine the possibilities! It has two doors and inside I would put photo albums or DVDs or so many other things. It would be great in my future basement, wouldn't it? I envision designing my whole rec room around it...shades of grey on the floors and walls, black sectional, white furniture, with just a few pops of colours from the cabinet in accessories. Dreamy! By the way, the little squares in my blog title were inspired by this cabinet. Clearly, I am obsessed!
p.s. That chair would also be very welcome in my house!

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