Monday, February 22, 2010

I love junk jewelry

Yep, I love junk jewelry! I mean that lovingly. Perhaps the terms costume jewelry or fashion jewelry is more up your alley...but whatever you want to call it I have accumulated more in the last few months than I have owned in my whole life. I've always been one for a simple gold or silver chain (and of course diamonds are my best friend...and always will be!) but these days I'm really falling for some surprisingly big and chunky jewelry (well what I call big and chunky jewelry). Of course vintage is all the rage right now and I've definitely jumped on that bandwagon. Take a look at what I bought at the flea market this past weekend:

I got all 3 for 30 bucks! What a crazy good deal! The tags say they are from the '50s - '60s. They definitely look old but are in quite good shape. The red beads look a little orange in this pic but they're a nice cherry red. The black ones are made of glass. And the silver bracelet is pretty chunky but I think it's very pretty. So this is the new me I guess...a regular at the flea market! Who knew?

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  1. Good for you Kelly! I've always wanted to try some of the bigger jewelry but have always been intimidated by the size! Can't wait to see how it looks on you!

    p.s. we missed you last night :)