Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend project: My office (Part 3)

Well I didn't make tons of progress in my office/the spare bedroom today but we did hang a canvas up over the spare bed:

I bought the canvas at Michael's and attached the flowers (they're from Umbra). I like the white flowers on the white canvas. Plain but nice. And the pic gives you a look at the bedding. A little wrinkled up from standing on the bed to hang up the canvas! I mentioned the $12.99 duvet cover/pillowcases from IKEA in a previous post. The quilt on the end is from Home Outfitters. I sure like green lately! I have big plans to sew a throw pillow after I was inspired by one I saw at the Flea Market this weekend. Keep tuned for that!

I also bought some spray paint and did one coat on some frames for my art wall. I sprayed them in the garage then brought them in the house and put them in the basement but I sure can smell paint in here. They're not picture-worthy quite yet!

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