Monday, February 8, 2010

IKEA = a better world

If you know me, you know that I love IKEA. My house is basically an IKEA showroom already and if I lived closer to one I would have even more stuff from there...really! So a while back my friend Alissa showed me this book:

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They rank companies from A to F on their social and environmental practices (I bought it on Amazon, if you're interested check it out here or just ask me nicely and I might lend it to you). So if you haven't already guessed, IKEA is making the world better! It's categorized under retail stores and got an A-! They're also named a corporate hero. Not really surprising...they are awesome in every way!!!

Just out of interest, I looked up a few things that I ate/used today:
Corn flakes: C+
Aveeno lotion: B-
Dole fruit cup: B-
Ferrero Rocher: C
HP laptop: A-

Not bad. However, the Dole fruit cup is from Costco (D+) and the Aveeno lotion was bought at Wal-Mart (F). Tsk, tsk.

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