Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue shoes? Yes please.

The other day I was at the mall and went into Aldo for a quick peek and I saw the most blue shoes I have ever seen! And I decided I must have some. I don't own any flats that are not black...and I think it's time to shake things up! They just scream spring...and right about now I would like it to be spring. Since I was in a rush I barely had a chance to look at them but after a little laptop window shopping I think these are my faves:

Labuff, from Aldo

I love this colour. Seriously. Love them and must go try them on...soon!

Stakoe, from Aldo

Also very nice! What do you think? If anything, I can already imagine all the compliments I will get from the kids I work with (e.g. "I like your blue shoes", "I have blue shoes too", "Why are your shoes blue?" - okay not really a compliment but I'll likely hear it).


  1. Actually they'll probably be wondering why you are wearing green shoes and calling them blue. Is this secretly daves blog about stuff?

  2. Haha! No this is my blog and I know my colours! They're really turquoise and I'm pretty sure that fits more under the blue category than the green category. And just so you know, Dave just looked at them and he thinks they're grey!!! :)

  3. I vote that they're definitely blue!