Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring eye candy

These are all Valentino. Gorgeous...and expensive! I'll never own any of them but oh they are so Spring-y and lovely! I just had to share.

I really cannot wait for Spring...more sunshine and less snow equals happiness right now! And I also look forward to wearing more bright colours! I bought a turquoise bag from Le Chateau at Christmas and told myself that I will bring it out on the first day of Spring. I've waited this long but can I make it with a boring, drab black purse for a few more weeks??? We'll see.


  1. Well technically, it FEELS like spring out there... I mean driving down Preston today there was no snow left on the street! I think you should take the liberty and use it early!

  2. Okay Shawna...that's all the convincing I need! My purse contents are going to be switched tonight!!! Woo spring weather!!!