Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love these ruffles

Ahhh Saturday! Oh how I love love love weekends. After eating my Corn Flakes while reading a magazine, next on my agenda was to hop on my laptop and do my daily blog rounds and check out a few of my favorite stores to see what's new. And look what I found at Anthropologie:

How pretty! First of all I love white sheets. We have them in our room and in the spare bedroom. But the addition of ruffles...oh my! If you haven't noticed by now...I do love girly things and ruffles are no exception! But I can already imagine Dave saying 'no thanks' to these...and something or other about how the ruffles would be scratchy on his face!

They also come with a little grey trim...also lovely:
Alas, they will probably never be mine (they're not exactly cheap). And again, Dave would probably use his power of veto over them. I do let him have his input when it comes to selecting things for our house ...most of the time. But I'm sure if he had his way there would definitely be less flowery art, 2 less bird items, and a whole lot more comic book related items...oh look he literally just walked in the door with a new batman statue!!! I'm not kidding! Too funny!

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