Saturday, April 17, 2010

A beautiful house

Last weekend we went on a trip to Winnipeg. While we were there, we stayed at the home of Dave's cousin and his lovely wife. In case you have any inclinations of finding their home and robbing them of their beautiful possessions, I shall not use their real names. I will refer to Dave's cousin as Scooter and Scooter's wife will be Biker Chick (please imagine a pedal biker chick, not a motorcycle chick!). I snapped a few pics in their house one morning and want to share. Scooter and Biker Chick live in a 2-storey house. It has a lot in common with our house but it has a lot more character. This is a pic of the dining room and the doors to the bonus sunroom in the back of the house:

Biker Chick loves IKEA as much as I do, if you can believe it! We have the same table from there although theirs is bigger and a different colour. If you remember my post about how much I want a pendant lamp, this is my inspiration. Gorgeous! Biker Chick painted the Dr. Pepper can art a long time ago. She's a very talented lady! Also take note of the fabulous red chairs in the corner...I love them. The doors look so nice and they lead to a fabulous area with a yellow loveseat and blue chairs where Biker Chick likes to read.

Below is a pic of their sweet red couch and their even sweeter dog...who I shall call Frenchie. Frenchie is the best dog! She's so so cute, not at all annoying, bilingual, and Dave's not allergic to her! If we ever get a dog, we want a little Frenchie. Above the couch is more art by Biker Chick...also fantastic!

Now Biker Chick is not the only one with talent. Below is a picture of their new window seat that Scooter built:

It is awesome! Such a good use of space by the front bay window. They used to have a yellow loveseat here but then Scooter built this. It even has storage under the cushions. Scooter has built some really really nice furniture over the years like a coffee table and an entertainment shelving unit.

And the last piece of eye candy for you is this: familiar...and really quite breath-taking! A relatively new addition to Scooter and Biker Chick's home, how could they not have bought this t.v. when this nook was clearly built just for it? No more squinting while we watch t.v. or play vids (just kidding guys!).

We love staying with Scooter and Biker Chick during our visits and feel very at home there! Except I leave all inspired and think I need more stuff in my house!