Monday, April 5, 2010

Seeds for my garden!

Well today was a big day. I bought the first seeds for my first garden! Okay so the garden doesn't even exist yet but it will very soon! I'm doing raised beds out beside our garage. You will be reading a lot more about that in the near future but right now I want to show you what I'm going to be growing:

Sugar peas, regular peas, green pole beans, yellow beans, 3 kinds of lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, carrots, sweet peas, marigolds, and cucumbers! If you don't know what swiss chard is, I can't help you. All I know is that my friend Alissa made me buy it and told me that if you cut it when it's small it's like spinach. I guess we'll see. It's my one adventurous vegetable! And if you're wondering, the sweet peas are just to add some colour (and I love love love how pretty they are) and the marigolds keep pests away and are good companions for tomato plants (who knew?...Alissa, actually!).

I also plan on planting potatoes, tomatoes, and red peppers. I'm super excited for my garden! I'm taking a workshop on raised bed organic gardening in the beginning of May with Alissa. I can't wait! So now that the snow is gone, our first jobs are to get out there and clean up the lumber scraps from building our fence, move the rock piles, and level the dirt. Not the funnest jobs, but I'm excited to get at it!


  1. Swiss Chard is delicious!! My mom has grown it in her garden most years and it always turns out great! We don't pick it when it's small though, we let it grow a pretty decent sized (large lettuce size). Then you just chop it up, boil it, and put some margarine, salt and pepper on, and it's so good! Or toss it in stir fries!

    p.s. I see this was posted pre-April snow. :S

  2. Good to know! And yep this was posted pre-snow! And now the garden space is just a giant puddle after the huge amount of rain we got as well. So much for getting out there and doing some work right away!!!