Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visit home

So last weekend, we went home for a visit. Thought I'd show you what I brought home with me. My mom cut these pussy willows from a tree at the farm:

I think they are so neat. This tree has been at the farm for as long as I can remember and I have often brought some branches home with me. If I had a bigger yard, I would have one of these trees!

My mom also sent me home with some plants. These are purple-flowering African violets. I'll keep one at our house and take one to work for my windowsill. Unless anyone really would like one...because I can hook you up.

I also took my laptop and scanner home and scanned about 90 old pictures from my grandma's albums (although I only made it through about 3 or 4 albums...going to have to do more in a future trip!). Here's a pic of my great-grandma and my grandma cutting the lawn at their house in California:

It's amazing looking through those albums. I'm so grateful that my grandma has so many pictures from over her life. And quite a few from my great-grandparents' lives too. My plan is to compile all the scans in one of those bound picture books you can make. It will be such a great keepsake!

And speaking of keepsakes, my mom also sent me home with these teacups that my great-grandma and grandma gave me when I was younger:

The one had a card folded up inside saying 'Happy Valentine's Day' from my great-grandma in 1987. I find these teacups so so pretty! I saw an old photo about a month or two ago of people sitting at a table drinking tea from teacups and I think I felt a pang of jealousy. Teacups with saucers are so superior over the ridiculous industrial size mugs we drink from today. They're so delicate and fancy-looking. So if anyone wants to come over for a spot of tea (I also have a beautiful teapot), please do. Except I can only have one person at a time until I get more teacups!

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