Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yellow for my kitchen

I decided on yellow as an accent colour for my kitchen! I feel some brightness is needed and what is brighter and sunnier than yellow? Now, I just decided that yellow must be my kitchen accent colour on Wednesday during the 8-hour drive to Winnipeg. Since I had a lot of time to think about this, I decided I need a yellow tea kettle, a small yellow tray for my kitchen table (which will hold a plant and candle holder...very specific, I know), as well as tea towels and napkins containing yellow. Yes, I have thoroughly thought this through!

My lovely friend (who I will continue to call Biker Chick) took me shopping to some very cool shops in Winnipeg and this is what I bought...a yellow oven mitt, a yellow tea towel, and 3 striped tea towels...ooooh I love stripes! Now all I need is some napkins and the elusive yellow tea kettle...although I have already found one that I can order online!

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