Monday, May 31, 2010

Cute bracelets

I sure like jewelry. Seems like I'm drawn to it! So I came across this super pretty bracelet on Kate Spade and had to share:

Pink, yellow, and green! My favorite colours (lately anyways!) all rolled up into one bracelet. And did you notice the engraving inside? I had to look up what it meant (it's a phrase about dancing).

These 'Take a Chance' ones are super cute too:

I really haven't been a fan of yellow gold for quite a while...almost everything I have is white gold or silver...but I'm digging it lately! And it's all thanks to my friend Steph rockin' some gold jewelry a few weeks ago.

I have a bracelet that is black and silver sort of similar to the one below. I'm thinking this black and gold one is pretty sweet too:

Considering that I just wore a little necklace today, tomorrow I have to at least add a bracelet!!!


  1. Awww I'm glad I inspired you on the gold! Let's rock some gold together one night in Vegas!

  2. Yes!!!!! Let's do it. I have to go buy some...Le Chateau here I come!