Sunday, May 30, 2010

I really need one of these

I'd also take this one:

And no, I have no idea how to play a guitar but I really really want to learn! Today I was listening to The Trews' acoustic album Friends and Total Strangers on my iPod...which is one of the best albums in the world by the way...and I am feeling inspired. I also don't know how to read music so I'm quite aware that I have a long way to go before I could actually play a song but I would really like to get a guitar and start learning!

Now you all know I love pretty things and one of these beauties above would certainly also look nice in my house! I found the two above on Long & McQuade's website and yep I picked them because they're pretty...and they weren't the cheapest! I might need some help when it comes to actually buying one. My birthday is pretty far away but maybe I'll stop drinking Starbucks and save my spare change so I can buy one. And I wouldn't have to pay for lessons because I know a few people who I'm sure would really like to teach me...or at least there's always the internet!

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