Saturday, May 29, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

We're going to Vegas this summer and oh I cannot wait!!! We haven't even booked it yet but I'm already so excited. We had so much fun last time and I know we will this time around too! Last time we didn't have much planned before we actually got there but I definitely have started thinking of what I want to do this trip. One of the big things is to go here:

Image from Crystals

It's called Crystals - a 3 level luxury shopping centre! All designer shops with galleries and restaurants too. The list of designer shops is unreal! And the most exciting of all is that there is a Tiffany & Co. Remember my post about my love for Tiffany? Well this is where I will be buying myself a gorgeous necklace (or ring!). Of course, I will have to window shop at Hermes, Fendi, and many other fabulous stores...where I will not buy anything...or will I? Probably not...unless I win the lottery between now and our trip!!!

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