Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garden update

Tomorrow will be 1 month since I planted my garden! I spent the entire afternoon weeding, planting a few more seeds, and hilling the potatoes. I didn't get the bed along the fence done...but I'll get to it soon! Take a look at how big everything is getting:

Here's a pic of the peas (and look at the potatoes in the background!). I planted a few more peas where they didn't come up. Over the next couple of days, I need to get the pea fences up!

I'm also excited to see my scarlet runners (green beans) coming up so nicely. Soon they will be climbing the bamboo teepee:

It's so nice to have 4 of the beds completely weed-free. I really don't mind weeding at all but I will admit it got a little old after about three hours...but it sure looks good now!

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