Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is for Scooter

Came across some awesome photography on one of my fave blogs 'Green is the new black' a bit ago and had to share. The photographer's name is Mike Stimpson and he's from the UK (check out his website here - and if you're interested, go to artist's bio for links to sites to see other work that is for sale). Here are some of my faves:

Images from

I think they're great - so creative and really well photographed. I may have to order some one day. This might be weird but I think they would be great in a bathroom...unexpected, fun to look at...why not?


  1. These are amazing Kelly, thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Very cool... love the walking in water shot!

  3. Now where are the links to your favorite blogs??

  4. I thought of you right away when I saw them Ray. And NJM...I'll put up a list soon!