Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What is my favourite colour?

I really don't know...but what I do know is that I'm okay with the possibility that I have 4 favourites! Red, pink, yellow, and green:

What can I say? Perhaps I'm indecisive, perhaps I love colours too much, or perhaps it's that I don't believe you can only have one favourite colour...much like I don't think you can really only have one favourite song (I mean of all the great songs out there. I'm not sure how that's even possible).

Here's what I think about my favourite colours:

Red - What's not to love? It is the colour of love, romance, passion, etc., etc. I've loved red for a very long time...I've had a lot of red clothes, a red couch, and red bedding. And now I have a red car. Red is so eye-catching and vibrant. I love seeing it used in home design. I only recently put my red bedding back on the bed...and man I love it. I know that you're technically supposed to use calming colours in a bedroom but I disagree with that. Red is great in any room! It's just a great colour really.

Pink - Ahhh, what can I say about pink? It's pretty, lovely, feminine, get the idea! I love the girliness of pink. It can be soft and sweet and bright and fun...there really are very few shades of pink that I don't like. I had to have pink at our wedding...and I kept it under control (I think, anyways!) by only having pink roses in the most beautiful shade. I like wearing pink, having pink toenails, and really, what would life be like without pink lipgloss? I have yet to use pink in home design...I mean in my adult life. I had the best pink curtains when I was young and my grandma had made me the most fantastic quilt with a pink background. Now that I think of it I also had light pink sheets. And there was pink in my doll wallpaper as well! Yep, pink is wonderful.

Yellow - Oh yellow! Definitely my most recent love. I fell fast and I fell hard. And I believe it all started with a yellow purse (which I bought and love!). Then I had to bring some yellow into my house. I'm still working on accenting my kitchen with yellow and now I'm seriously thinking of bringing yellow into the bathroom off the kitchen too. I also recently bought a yellow t-shirt and yellow nail polish. Yellow is a pretty popular colour nowadays and maybe I'm just jumping on the bandwagon but I love how bright, sunny, and happy this colour is. It always catches my eye and I just want more of it.

Green - Mmmm, green. Also a more recent addition to my favourites. Now, not all shades of green are created equal...I love lime green and kelly green (fun fact: I went to high school with a boy who had the last name Green and if I'd married him I would be Kelly Green...and yes, I would have changed my name to that for sure!). I have a green cardigan from Esprit that I may wear until it has holes in it because it is the best shade of green ever. I don't have a lot of green in my wardrobe, although I would like to. Green is fun and bold, and the colour of luck. It represents nature...and of course the Riders (Green is the colour, football is the game, we're all together and winning is our aim...that's for you Dave).

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