Saturday, July 24, 2010

More of my garden

Wow! I can't get over how big everything is getting in my garden. Look at it now:

What a difference a couple weeks makes! The scarlet runner green beans have grown so much and look so pretty on the bamboo teepee:

My friend Alissa came over last night and we discovered that I have potatoes that I need to start eating! Yum...I love baby potatoes:

My pepper plants are doing quite nicely and we discovered that they are starting to grow peppers:

So cute! And the sugar peas are ready to eat...and they are absolutely delicious:

The tumbler tomatoes are also doing great! Big news...I ate three little tomatoes yesterday! I'm still not completely loving, that squishy burst of juice and seeds really gets me! But I can now say I have eaten a total of 5 cherry tomatoes this summer and I plan to eat more! They really are too cute:

And it was also exciting to see that the huge roma tomato plant is starting to produce:

And there's so much more well on its way! And I really have been neglecting it lately. Good thing it has been so low maintenance...everything is so big, there's really very little room for weeds to grow and with all the rain we have gotten, I've only watered it 2 or 3 times this whole summer. I really am loving having a's so fun to see everything grow!


  1. WOW!! Everything has grown so much! Looks like you definitely have a green thumb! The veggies look delicious!

  2. I really credit the good compost dirt we bought...and the rain surely helped too!