Saturday, August 7, 2010

The antiques

I finally took some pictures of a couple of the things I bought when I went antique shopping at the big flea market last weekend. I had a really fun time shopping with Alissa. We both found some amazing deals, had some ice cream (all antique shops should sell ice cream like the one we went to), and Alissa's grandma made us lunch with fresh veggies from her garden. Pretty sweet stuff.

So I scored a teacup for my collection! I really dig it:

The handle, the little flowers, the green's all so good. And take note of what that little teacup is sitting fantastic new wooden coffee table! It's big, square, old, and awesome. And it cost only 35 bucks. What a deal! It's going to go in the basement...but right now it's in our dining room and I couldn't get a good pic of it so you will just have to wait I guess.

I also got another antique glass bottle and two glass measuring cups. The measuring cups are pretty neat. They are rectangular and I've never seen glass ones like it before:

I also bought some homemade jam and a pair of homemade slippers. I definitely could have bought more stuff but I held back. Other things I considered getting were a green rhinestone brooch, a glass rolling pin, and a little silver dish. I missed out on some big wooden picture frames (that were 1 dollar each!!!) that I should have bought as soon as I saw snooze, you lose I guess.

I will definitely be back next year when they have their big flea market again...although I'll probably be back to that fantastic little antique shop before then I'm sure!!!

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