Sunday, August 15, 2010

It feels somethin' like summertime

Only I would quote Bon Jovi. But it does feel like summertime...first of all, just because it is...and because my flowers are blooming in the garden!!! I have two little sunflowers now and there are so many more to come. Some of the plants are taller than the fence. Look how cute this flower is:

I can't wait for more of them to open. I had also planted a black-eyed Susan climbing vine behind the cucumbers and peppers. The cucumbers have totally taken over and are climbing the trellis that was meant for the flower vine. But a couple little black-eyed Susans are growing and they are awfully sweet:

And the sweet peas are opening more everyday:

And they smell so so good! Along with these flowers, there are the orange and yellow marigolds, along with tons of flowers on the veggie plants...yellow blooms on the cucumbers, peachy ones on the zucchini, red ones on the scarlett runners, little white ones on the's all so pretty. Here's a shot of how huge everything is now:

Last night we ate potatoes, yellow beans, cucumbers, and carrots all from the garden. Delicious!

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