Friday, August 13, 2010

Threes: Places I will go edition

Yep I will go to all of these day!

I've come across some art that I would like on my walls...that I can look at and dream about my future visits to each of these places. First on my world tour is Sweden. Probably not a surprise. It's a place I want to go to desperately...and maybe just stay there!!! I love these funky new art cards from IKEA (of course!):

Image from

The other place I really want to go and see is Paris. I would like to sit on a blanket on a patch of grass with a picnic basket and just stare at the beautiful Eiffel Tower for an hour straight. This is a really really nice picture:

Dreamy. Another place I would definitely like to go to is New York City. Just to see the sights. You Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and...Tiffany & Co.!!! This is a pretty cool canvas:

Image from

p.s. I've come to realize that I can't have everything I see that I like...however, I still like to surf the internet every once in a while and look at beautiful things! Therefore, I will continue to do so. This little post is my first of a series I'm calling 'Threes'. Three things that have a common theme that I've found on my interweb travels that I just want to share. Three is not only a good number but will also keep me from posting an excessive number of things in one post!

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