Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Threes: Vintage earrings edition

Oh my! I've been browsing Etsy again and I've found some lovely vintage earrings. I need to remind myself that I can't have everything that is pretty. Do I need more earrings? No. Would all of these look fantastic on me? Umm, yes...very likely. Look at these beauties:

Love the square shape...and the cut of the pretty green stones. These are also fantastic:

I never used to be a huge fan of sapphires. How wrong I was. They are fabulous. I'm also loving these:

Smokey red. Really really nice.

I love them all. I can't help it...I want them! Going back to the question of whether I need earrings or not...does anyone really need earrings? Nope. Definitely unnecessary in the whole scheme of things. But they're pretty, they make you feel pretty, and someone worked very hard in designing and making them (and they only cost between 14 and 26 bucks!) and...my ears are already pierced...so yep,I think I need them!


  1. The first green earings make me think of Wizard of Oz and a piece of Emerald City.

  2. PS Where is that list of your favorite blogs.