Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Accessories week: Day 2 (& garden stuff)

Well, accessories week isn't going as great as planned. I've been sick. I was in my p.j.'s until at least 4 in the afternoon yesterday and then after a shower it was straight into sweatpants. So no accessories yesterday...I was just lucky to have clean hair for half a day! Today I only left the house for a total of an hour to go to an appointment but I did throw on some accessories to get back on track! To add a little something to my sweater and jeans outfit, I threw on a scarf and bracelet:

A cheap black H & M scarf and a not-so-cheap Hermes bracelet. I got the bracelet in Vegas last year and I sure do like it. It's getting scratched up but I think that's okay...well-worn and well-loved, right?

And just because I love showing off my garden bounty, I had to show you this:

There are still more tomatoes out there as well as tons of carrots and potatoes. I hope to get out there this weekend when I'm feeling better to finish harvesting and cleaning up. I'll be certain to show you pics!

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