Friday, September 24, 2010

Accessories week: Day 4

I sure do like to walk on the wild side. Today I wore 3 accessories! And of course I had on my earrings and rings but I don't count them since they're everyday things. Here's a peek at my Day 4 accessories:

Another headband! I've had this headband for probably a year and I've never worn it. I know the bow isn't huge but I feel like it's bigger than it is. I had the day off and we spent the afternoon on Broadway so I figured people there wouldn't think I was super crazy with a little bow on my headband. I'm not sure I'll be putting this headband in the rotation though because it hurts my head...and I also secretly fear that if I wear it to work I will see a preschooler wearing the same one!

I also wore my pretty little necklace I got at Tiffany & Co. in Vegas this summer. I sure do love this necklace! The bracelet is stolen from my mom's jewelry box (well, not really stolen...I did ask her). I love the little engraved flowers on the circles. Simple and pretty.

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