Sunday, September 26, 2010

Accessories week: Day 5

Okay, it's taken 7 days to accomplish 5 days of accessories. Oh well! Yesterday my accessories were garden gloves and a dust mask because I spent the afternoon cleaning out most of the garden. Today we went to the mall so it was an excuse to get out of my comfy clothes and wear some accessories! This is what I went with today:

I wore this pretty flower brooch I got from Stella & Dot. I really really like brooches. I only have 3 but I want more! Perhaps this makes me uncool....if it does, I'm okay with it! I thought I'd add a little edge with these skinny little black bangles. Yes, for me these are edgy! I can't remember where I got them but I like them because they fit my wrist well. I have pretty small wrists so most bracelets are way too big on me. Things could be worse, I know.

I'm not sure how you've felt about my accessories week but I sure liked it!!! It forced (or maybe encouraged) me to wear some of the accessories I have that I don't wear enough. I won't subject you to another week of this, but I am going to keep wearing more of my accessories this week too!

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