Sunday, September 19, 2010

Threes: Globes edition

I like globes. I like to look at them...but perhaps even more I like to play the game of spinning it and seeing where I should live. Although last time I did this, I kept getting the middle of the ocean. Not sure I will be following through on this. Perhaps if I had one of these super stylin' globes, they would recommend somewhere else. This silver one is a beauty:

From Indish

This black one is also ultra cool:

And how about a clear one? Not too shabby either:

I've actually never owned a globe. I think I'd definitely go with one of these over the standard colourful ones. Although the price tags of these stylish ones are certainly a little higher...or maybe a lot!


  1. you should get one, they're pretty awesome

  2. Hmmm...well, my birthday is coming up next month. Just kidding.