Friday, October 15, 2010

I love Kate

Every time I visit the Kate Spade website, I swoon. Just look at this little selection of beautiful things...all of them with bows! These pics are from the website (check it out here). First of all, this dress is fabulous:

Oh, to be able to wear red tights! I would if I could...but I'm not sure that's allowed at my age. But I could wear this red coat:

I LOVE this coat!!! I've actually always wanted a red coat and this is the prettiest one I've ever seen. And by the way, did you notice the polka dot tights? So good!

And look at this very grand necklace:

Talk about a statement. This necklace would look so nice with a simple black dress. And if I owned it, I would have to hang it on a hook beside my dressing table because it's like art!

And then there are these:

Yep, they're blue and suede (and satin). And yes, perhaps they are somewhat reminiscent of something worn to a prom sometime in the 80's, but I would wear them tomorrow if I could!

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