Sunday, October 24, 2010


Indeed I am. Spoiled rotten really. It's not even my birthday yet and I've gotten a bazillion presents! And I just want to show them off! This is what Dave surprised me with:

The beautiful carved horse is a dala horse that he ordered from (straight from Sweden!!!). And I couldn't be more excited to read these books he got me! The first is Tiffany Style: 170 Years of Design - be still my heart...I may have mentioned once or twice (or maybe a few dozen times) how much I love Tiffany & Co. and I can't wait to drool over this book of pure loveliness! The other book is Valentino: Themes and Variations - again, my poor heart...I open this book and I'm pretty sure it races just a little! If you haven't noticed, I do throw around the word 'love' every now and then...but please be assured I do love Valentino. Every image of the fashion he created is a work of art I tell you! I can't even imagine how many times I will look at these books after reading them the first time! Thank you so much Dave!!!

And I also got a super gift from my friend Steph...who is also super by the way! It's a Riders toque that I will be rocking at the Grey Cup. Thanks Stephanie!!! Take a look at how cute it is in all of it's stripey goodness next to a little ivory crocheted number I bought myself today with some birthday money from my grandma:

Aren't they both great? And do you know what else is great? The Trews! If you don't know The Trews, what you must do is immediately go to their site to find out about them and also buy any one of their albums (or preferably all of them) so you can listen to one of the greatest bands in the world! Dave, Steph and I went to their acoustic show in town last night and it was so unbelievably good. This is the fifth time I've seen them and they put on the best live shows ever. Do I love The Trews? Yes, I do indeed!!!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday full of love and giggles...
    Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!
    Lots of love!