Monday, November 15, 2010

Basement bathroom ideas

We're still a long way from getting to work on the basement bathroom but I'm starting to think about what I want it to look like. We have decided that we want a pedestal sink and then for storage we will have a freestanding shelf (for towels, cleaning products, etc.) near the shower. We have a pedestal sink in the 2-piece bathroom on the main floor which has more of an oval shape, but are going to go for a rectangular one in the basement (from RONA):

Simple. Modern. Easy. And I want an equally non-fussy mirror. I like this one from IKEA:

It's called SAVERN and it's new at IKEA. I like it very much and I will certainly be checking it out when I go there in a couple of weeks!

So far so good, right? Now here's where things may take a are either going to be with me on this or against me!!! I want a little thing called wallpaper. I want it on just one wall that will be across from the door that will have the sink, toilet and shower up against it. That means it is a pretty small wall space since the shower will take up quite a bit of it. Here's a pic of a wallpaper that I'm currently digging:

A pretty silver geometric print from Graham & Brown. Oh, I like it! I think it's simple but would add some needed prettiness. We are just going to have lino on the floor (I'm thinking grey) in a simple pattern that won't compete too much with the patterned wall. If I don't get wallpaper, I'd like tile. Dave would prefer just white paint but I'm not sure he'll be getting his way. Time will tell!


  1. Hey Kelly,

    I love all the above... you should look at doing a dark chocolate brown floor with that nice cool gray wall paper... I think it would look great!

  2. I am not a fan of wallpaper at all...but I really quite enjoy that pretty silver paper!

  3. Woo...two people on my side! That probably would look nice NJM but I guess I'll have to see what is out there for flooring options when the time comes. And Steph...I may not be able to actually get this wallpaper but I want something simple like this and definitely with silver/grey.
    p.s. Dave has since told me the wallpaper makes his eyes go buggy!