Thursday, November 18, 2010

I would have loved this when I was little

Check out this playhouse for kids that is basically a sewn slipcover for a rectangular dining room table:

I came across it on a blog called Time of the Aquarius (check it out here - the author is from Finland so it's written in Finnish but there's also an English translation). I think it would be an easy thing to sew and you could just throw it over your table and instant playhouse. Then when playtime is over, just whip it off the table and fold it up. I would have totally loved playing in something like this when I was a kid!


  1. I'd totally still play in one of those

  2.'s fun for adults too! We babysat my nephews and niece this morning and we made a fort just using blankets over our table (inspired by this idea of course!). A door and some windows would have been pretty sweet. Blankets work but they're less cool.