Thursday, November 4, 2010

I can't help falling in love

...with Tiffany & Co.! Just when I didn't think it was possible to love Tiffany more, it's happened. I've been oohing and aahing over the book that Dave bought me for my birthday called Tiffany Style: 100 Years of Design since I got it. Last night I spent another hour looking through it and oh I tell you! This book is a history lesson wrapped in beautiful pictures. I'll share a fun fact that I've learned: Charles Lewis Tiffany, along with John Burnett Young, opened their first store in September of 1837 and on their first day of sales they made $4.98. Extraordinary really!

I decided I must share some images with you from the book because they are so so nice (they're from pages 2, 162, 264, 261 and 94 if you want to look them up one day!). Here's one of a pretty lady wearing a pretty necklace from 1963:

So pretty! Here's a picture of Elizabeth Taylor in 1960 wearing beautiful pearls:

Lovely. And this next Tahitian pearl necklace with the gorgeous diamond clasp makes me drool a little bit:

Gosh it is divine! And if you're wondering where the big rocks are, well here you go:

It's a mere 35.63 carats. Probably would only cost a few pennies...or a few bazillion maybe.

This next necklace is my favorite in the whole book:

Majestic really! It's just so gorgeous. The book says that Tiffany's showed this necklace at the 1889 Paris exposition, and it doesn't say when it happened but it has disappeared. The author wrote that the diamonds were probably reset in other jewels. Crazy. It's sad that something this beautiful would have been taken apart.

This just crossed my mind but perhaps in my next life I should become a jewelry designer and work for Tiffany's. Hmm...

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