Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want a cat...someday

I was talking to my mom the other night and she was telling me that she has a new cat at the farm. It showed up out of nowhere (perhaps someone dropped it off) but she's welcomed it because she figures it can keep her other cat Maggie May company over the cold miserable winter. Maggie has a little house out on the deck and there's room for two. Miss Maggie is such a lovely girl and I hope she will become friends with the new no-named cat. I need to think of a clever name and then call my mom! My dad has given it a name but I can't repeat it on my blog!

I really hope the new kitty will stick around so I can meet her at Christmas. Just hearing her talk about the cats and some of the funny things they were doing made me think about how much I miss my cats and how I really would like to have another one day.

Here's a pic of my Cheeky. She was such a beautiful girl:

I had her for about 6 years and she was so fabulous. She was the prettiest girl in the world and she knew it! It's almost like she strutted...if a cat can strut. One thing that she used to do that amazed me was that she would let out a distinctive little meow whenever you coughed or sneezed (especially when my brother loud!) and she'd give you a look like 'excuse me, you're hurting my ears man'. She seriously did. My brother and I would fake cough or sneeze just to see her do it. She was a tiny little kitty when we got her and I loved every minute that she was around.

Then there was my other beautiful girl Measha. I love this picture of her all curled up behind the couch, which was one of her favourite spots:

We got her when I was 4 or 5 and she lived until she was about 17 so it used to feel like she had been around my whole life. She also had such a great personality. Not a princess like Cheeky was though. Measha was more of a love-me-or-leave-me kind of girl. She really never cared for being held. She would occasionally curl up beside you and then the next minute she preferred to love you from afar. And by that, I do mean she would shoot you a look like 'you're alright but don't even think about coming close to me'. I loved her soft little paws and how she could miraculously open the cupboard door where her food was kept with them. She'd continuously paw at it until it would finally pop open. The cupboards had a magnet closure and you really had to give them a was amazing how she could do it. Such a smart and pretty Calico girl!

I miss both of those girls so much. They were so important to me and I'm so grateful to have grown up with pets around (I also had a dog at the same time...I'll tell you about him one day too!).

Now the sad thing is that Dave is really allergic to cats but I'm determined that we can find one that will be okay for him. I try to like dogs but cats are always superior in my mind. I love their personalities, how much cleaner and less stinky they are, and how much more independent they are. They are so smart and I love their attitudes...whether good or bad!

This picture is a kind of cat called a Devon Rex. It's owned by the writer of a blog I read called Fine Little Day (see it here). It's name is Hiro:

My hair stylist loves these cats and was telling me that they are more hypo-allergenic than other cats. I love Hiro's big ears and eyes and little wrinkles. It's a kind of weird-cute that I dig. With a look like this, how could this cat not have an awesome personality?

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