Monday, December 6, 2010

IKEA goodness

A week ago today I spent an excessive amount of money at IKEA! If you remember my wish list, I got most of it plus a whole lot more. On my wish list I had a throw blanket that didn't end up making the cut because it wasn't soft enough and they were sold out of the little vases. But the other stuff I got more than made up for it. From my list, I did get this very graphic black and white duvet cover:

This angle makes it look even crazier than it is. Yes! And if you noticed the I don't iron bedding...ever. Crazy talk.

I'm doing a black and white scheme in our bedroom. I'm really loving how graphic it is. A lot of people think you should use relaxing, muted colours in a bedroom but I say no thanks to mint green and baby blue! I loved our red bedding but this is a nice change. This weekend I bought some black curtains then had to return them because they were too small for our giant bedroom window. Eighty inches of width was just not enough! I'm also working on a 9 frame black and white picture extravaganza for above one of our dressers. They're going to all be pics from our travels. Should be pretty sweet. We're going to try those velcro picture hangers that are removable. Hopefully that will result in less cursing on Dave's and my part when trying to get them perfectly straight!

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