Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy March

Yes, I'm a few days slow! I've been quite under the weather but happy to be feeling a bit better. I've been catching up on blogs and decided to share some cool posts/sites I've come across in case you are interested in checking them out. But first, I'm showing you a pic of my ivy plant just because a little greenery is a nice thing in my opinion!:

And now here's to blogging it forward:
- A recipe for peanut butter cups that look just like real peanut butter cups (find it here at Design*Sponge). I must make these...soon!
- Some very cool art that blends pencil drawings with photography (find it here at Sacred Lotus). The cat picture messes with me I tell you! Dave's favourite is the Mario one...go figure).
- I really enjoyed blogger Erin's critique of the fashion during Sunday's award show (find it here at Elements of Style). I certainly wasn't too wowed about a lot of the gowns. It's amazing to think that at that level of celebrity you essentially have access to almost any gown in the world and that's what some of these people decide to wear. Maybe it's because they have too many options???
- Someone got a deal on a sideboard and there's something about the pattern on the doors of it that I really dig (see it here at Design Crisis). Not that I'm into mirrored furniture exactly but I would like that door pattern on something.
- A blogger named Ez got a new grey couch and I really really like it...maybe that's not too surprising (see it here at Creature Comforts). Oh, pretty grey will be day.

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